What to do if You are Running a Business During COVID-19

  If you’re a business owner at this point in history, odds are you’ve seen some kind of decline in volume and customers. Let’s be real, those are things that no business owner ever wants. Does this mean you’re pretty much screwed for the time being? Do you just wait for this to be over and hope things pick back up? The answer to both these questions is NO! The things you do for your business right now cannot only help you solidify your business, but they can actually cause your business to boom when we get past these rough times. The following are just some tips on how to do that.

   Reach out to existing clients: The key here isn’t to reach out to them in order to sell them anything. Nobody wants to spend money on things they don’t deem necessary right now. Unless you’re a food or toilet paper company customers are going to be hesitant on buying your products. When you reach out to your current clients, it’s as easy as letting them know you are there for them. Let them know you care about them and that when all this is over, you’re excited to see/work with them again. This is the perfect time for your business to become more personable. Being personable in business is one of the underrated things that can really change how profitable your company can be.

   Perfect your process: No business will ever be perfect. Even a super-giant like Amazon is constantly reassessing their process to make up for deficiencies. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some part of your business that can improve. This is the perfect time to take inventory of your process and make it as clean as possible. What are areas of your day to day that either frustrate you or you believe can be better? Maybe it’s something on the front end like how you present the products to your clients; maybe it’s something after you’ve already acquired the client that takes up more time than you like, such as how your business does their books. The point is that your business isn’t perfect, and this is the perfect time to examine those deficiencies and find ways to fix them.

   Explore new ideas: Often, businesses are so busy fulfilling customers’ needs that they either avoid trying new things or just can’t because they don’t have the time to even think of such things. Whether your business was booming or struggling, now is the perfect time to see what else may be a good fit. Even if this new idea doesn’t work, it’ll allow you to get feedback as to why. That feedback can either lead to new ideas, or maybe even improving what consumers were already buying. Your brand and business grow with you. The most significant growth happens through adversity. Try something new and allow yourself to grow.

   Go Paperless: If you’re already a paperless business, then kudos to you. You’re helping us save the planet one PDF file at a time. If you’re not, well, this is the best opportunity you’re going to get to do that. The real reason companies don’t go paperless is because it takes time and concentrated effort to begin that process. Tie that in with maybe some older business owners, and it’s hard to blame companies for continues to use papers. However, this downtime is now the perfect time to transition. You can go about this in 2 ways. The first is to set up the process for new customers. This means building a strategy from beginning to end on how to do this. From the intake to the completion, really think out how to make the process seamless for you and your customers. The second thing you can do is to start scanning some of those old files and creating digital folders online. With services such as dropbox, it makes it really easy to put all the files somewhere that everyone can find it. Look going paperless will save you money on printer maintenance, paper, ink, recycling, all the things that add up but that business owners deem necessary.

Good Luck and You Got This
I can’t tell the future, but if I were to guess, I’d guess when we come out of this worldwide time of tragedy that we’re going to come back stronger than ever. You have to be ready for it, though. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your business, My Brand Esquire is here to help. Set up a consultation, and we can help you through some of the ways to strengthen your business and your brand during this time.

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